Parenting Classes

In addition, the PTA has put together some useful links for both parents and students, plus some general information for the community.

The Parent Academy

The Montgomery County public schools offer workshops on many topics, e.g. Active Communication Skills for Parents; Learn how to develop emotional intelligence in young children to increase social and academic readiness; ESOL Programs and Services for Students and Families; Bullying Prevention; Gifted and Talented (GT) Programs; Helping Your Child Get the Most Out of Homework; Many computer classes (EXEL, WORD, PP); Power of Positive Discipline; Student Rights and Responsibilities; Transitioning to Middle School and High School; Understanding ADHD in Children; Understanding the Maryland School Assessment (MSA); What is a 504 Plan?; and many more.

YMCA Youth and Family Services – Parenting Programs

The YMCA offers parenting programs in both English and Spanish. Topics include Improving Communication Skills for Couples; The Magic of Rituals and Routines; Sibling Rivalry: Winner-Loser, Bully-Underdog; Challenging the Consumer-driven culture; Family Anger Issues; Communicating Success to Children and Parenting Teens.







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