Volunteer Committees

PTA Committees 2018-2019
We know that you’re busy, but by sharing just a bit of your time and talents, you will make Wyngate Elementary a more vibrant and welcoming community. Without your involvement, the PTA simply cannot continue to provide the resources and events that make Wyngate so wonderful. Just fill out this quick survey to let us know how you would like to be involved. There are lots of options–daytime or evening; one-time or ongoing committees; leadership roles or helpers.


PTA Committees 2018 – 2019

Committee Chair
After-School Activities Tania Arostegui, arosteguita@gmail.com
Artist in Residence Michael Nawrock, hopkinsm228@gmail.com
Back to School Picnic

Jen Goldman, elon1998@gmail.com

Christy McGinty, christymcginty@gmail.com

Bingo Night Marni Hotchkiss, conceptrethink@gmail.com
Box Tops Susannah Nelson, svandre@gmail.com
Cultural Arts Assemblies Susannah Files, susannahfiles@yahoo.com
Dining Out Night  Robyn Hyer, robynhyer@yahoo.com

Judy Byrne, judy.desilva@gmail.com

Rachel Fisher, rachelafisher@gmail.com

Steven Posnack, sposnack@gmail.com

School Support/Office Support

Aliya Bigarinoa, bigarinova@gmail.com

Margot Khoo, minethos@gmail.com

Foundation Liaison Vanita Bhargava, vanita_bhargava@standfordalumni.org
FLES Chinese Paula Urbano, urbano_paula@yahoo.com
FLES French Paula Urbano, urbano_paula@yahoo.com
FLES Spanish Paula Urbano, urbano_paula@yahoo.com
Fun Run

Jill Notini, jillanotini@gmail.com

Michael Hopkins, hopkinsm228@gmail.com

Hospitality/Staff Appreciation

Megan Notaro, megannotaro@gmail.com

Ashley Schneider, absilver@comcast.net

Ice Skating Night Adrienne Lu, adrienne_lu@yahoo.com
Kindergarten Orientation Andi Kristall, Andi.kristall@gmail.com
Liaison – NAACP

Dana Evans, evans.dana@gmail.com


Lauren Lamoureux, L_Lamoureux@acs.org

Maria Turner, turnermail97@yahoo.com

Lost and Found

Margo Khoo, minethos@gmail.com

Lisa Whisenhunt, lisapwhisenhunt@gmail.com 

Loyalty Cards Kara Bundy, karabundy@gmail.com
Montgomery County Council of PTAs (MCCPTA) Representative

Meghan Abrams, meghan_abrams@yahoo.com


Andrea Bonior, andreabonoir@yahoo.com

Jennifer Goodman, elon1998@gmail.com

Adrienne Lu, adrienne_lu@yahoo.com

Multicultural Night

Sujata Bardhan, bardhan@gmail.com

Christine Nazer, csaahnazer@gmail.com

Room Parent Coordinators Susannah Files, susannahfiles@yahoo.com   
Room/Facilities Reservations for Events/Programs Rachel Blair, racheldblair@gmail.com
Scholastic Book Fair Ashley Schneider, absilver@comcast.net
Science Fair Simrit Belai, simret.belai@gmail.com 
Spirit Wear Robin McNeil, RLO922@yahoo.com
Spring Fair Jen Boland, jennifer.boland1@gmail.com
Sunshine Cheri Mercurio, cherimercurio25@gmail.com
Transportation Brooke Ybarra, brookeybarra@gmail.com
Website Kari Carr, kariolsen64@gmail.com
Wednesday Treats See Hospitality Committee
WE Cares

Karen Feldman, karenblankfeldman@gmail.com

Jocelyn Heyman, jocelyn.heyman@gmail.com

Wyngate’s Got Talent

Aliya Bigarinova, bigarinova@gmail.com

Tom de Vries, tjdevries@yahoo.com

Natalia Nagy, natinagy@yahoo.com