About Us

What Does the PTA Do?

Your PTA membership dues and parent volunteers support our school, students, teachers and community by:

Sponsoring family events

  • Back to School Picnic
  • Bingo Night
  • Ice Skating Night
  • Multicultural Night
  • Science Fair
  • Spring Fair
  • Wyngate’s Got Talent            

Sponsoring in-school events

  • Artist in residence (third grade)
  • Cultural arts assemblies
  • Fun Run


  • Online list of after school activities
  • School directory

Raising much-needed funds for the school

  • Book Fair
  • Boxtops for Education Program
  • Grocery store loyalty programs


  • Lost and found
  • Room parents
  • Parents’ listserv
  • Sales of Wyngate-branded clothing and gear

Supporting our teachers and community by

  • Assisting office with administrative tasks
  • Buying supplies for the health room
  • Hosting the annual staff appreciation luncheon
  • Landscaping the school grounds
  • Purchasing instructional materials for classrooms

  • Providing gifts to staff at times of joy and sorrow
  • Reimbursing teachers for classroom supplies
  • Organizing WE CARES community service events
  • Underwriting professional development courses for teachers


Feeding our staff, students and parents

  • Back to School Night
  • Staff meals and snacks on conference & other days
  • Wednesday Treats program for teachers



Want to get involved in this vibrant community? Email PTA Senior Vice President Caryn Seligman (carynrp@yahoo.com) and we’ll find a volunteer activity that fits your schedule and interests.

 Learn more at about the PTA at www.wyngatepta.com.

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